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creating space for everyone in the longboard community.


creating space for everyone in the longboard community.

@giu.alfeo is a longboard dancer from Germany. We love how they bring different creative fields together as a way to build community in the longboard space.

Giu’s background in dance and design heavily inform’s their style of longboard dancing. And as their platform has grown, they love to highlight other’s whose background provides an equally unique perspective on this evolving sport.

From a creative standpoint, what do you give? What’s the message behind your creativity? I give a new perspective on longboard dancing, which is often viewed as an action sport. On the one side there’s the aspect of musicality and influences from other dances like voguing, contemporary dance, hip hop and locking. On the other side, I explore the aesthetics of longboard dancing – creating poetry in motion and something that touches someone on a deeper, emotional and subconscious level.


How did this all come about? What or who inspired you? When I was younger, I did figure skating and dance, which inspires my expressive side of longboard dancing. When it comes to the aesthetics, the biggest impact is probably from my design studies and my photography. Those gave me an idea of composition, shapes and storytelling.

What role does instax play in your creative process? Photographing other skaters, people and nature gives me inspiration for my work. I like to experiment with new ideas and incorporate them when I work with other photographers/filmmakers.

Do you have any current plans to take this to the next level? If so, what’s that next level look like for you?I hope that I can discover more of the world. I want to learn more about other cultures in other countries and meet other longboard communities around the world, and find an exciting exchange on longboard dancing.

Tell us about one of your favorite experiences being on this journey has brought you. One of my favorite experiences is when I teach longboard dancing to other people. Recently, I started to integrate musicality; I love how people who step on a longboard for the first time glow up when they see that they can dance and enjoy the music without having to be super skilled on the longboard.

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