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instax mini 90™

Watch Sparks Fly With The Mini 90™

Picture this. Stylish yet classic good looks, combined with the latest feature-rich image tech. What’s not to like? Meet the instax mini 90™ – designed to keep even the snap-happiest photo lover in seventh heaven. Why? The instax mini 90™ Neo Classic offers a variety of shooting modes and enhanced creative capabilities. Giving you great control of what you shoot. And the results? Photos with added spark.

System Compatibility

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Analog Camera


Retro Design

Automatic Exposure


Colors Black


Advanced Shooting Modes

Snap, snap and hold

Show off your playful side with a click of a button. Pop the instax mini 90™ into double exposure mode, press the shutter button twice and superimpose two different images into a single artistic photo.

Alternatively, wait until night-time, adjust to bulb exposure mode, hold the shutter button down and capture atmospheric night views with cool light streaks.

Design Focused

The Classic, Redefined.

Available in black and brown, the sophisticated Mini 90 is as striking to look at as it is easy to use. The selfie mirror ensures you’re perfectly framed, the LCD screen helps you keep an eye on the mode and the powerful flash gives you the perfect burst of light, whatever the moment. There are even two shutter buttons – one for portraits and one for landscape. Genius.

Shooting Modes

Where Will Your Mode Take You?

The Mini 90 helps you frame the perfect focus in your scene with a variety of built-in modes. Enjoy hassle-free close-up photography with Macro, brightly lit pictures with Party mode and sweeping long-distant shots on Landscape mode.

There’s even a Kids mode for those fast moving, full-of-beans, never stand still subjects

Brightness Control

Set The Mood.

Add a low-key or high-key effect to your Mini 90 photos. Set the mode and take unique pictures that brighten up or minimize shadows to capture the effect you’re after.

Self Timer Mode

Count To Ten (And Say Cheese!)

The Mini 90 is packed with so many smart features, it’ll even take the picture for you. Use the tripod mount to steady the shot, select the self-timer mode and run. You’ve got 10 seconds to jump into the heart of the action before one or two frames (your choice) will be captured, preserving the moment in an instant.

instax UP!™ App

Get the instax® experience with our Smartphone App

Introducing the instax UP!™ App, a new way to keep all your instax® photos digitally in one  place. Simply scan your physical instax® photos  with your Smartphone to turn them into sharable, digital photos that you can edit, tag and save.

Download the free instax UP!™ App

for Apple iOS and Android


Credit card-
sized joy.

The folks at Fujifilm went the extra mile to deliver prints that’ll last a lifetime, whether you’re putting them on your wall or sharing them with a friend.

Mini film icon

Film Type

  • Uses Fujifilm instax miniTM instant color film (available separately) 

Film Size

  • Full size of print – 86 mm x 54 mm
  • Size of picture – 62 mm x 46 mm 

Developing Time

  • Approx. 90 seconds (varies depending on ambient temperature) 
  • 0.37x real image viewfinder with target spot and parallax adjustment for macro mode
Lens Icon
  • 2 Components, 2 Elements

Focal Length

  • f = 60 mm, 1:12.7 

Shooting Range

  • 30 cm and beyond (Macro Mode: 30 cm – 60 cm, Normal Mode: 60 cm – 3 m, Landscape Mode: 3 m – beyond)  

Programmed electronic shutter

  • 1.8 – 1/400 sec. shutter speeds  (macro mode: aperture automatically fixed at F22, bulb mode: maximum 10-second shutter open time)


  • Lv 5.0 to 15.5 (ISO 800) 

Exposure Control

  • Automatic 
  • Automatic electronic flash (with brightness adjustment function), forced firing mode  (with brightness adjustment function), flash off mode, red eye reduction mode
  • Power Supply – NP-45A lithium-ion rechargeable battery.


  • approx. 10 instax® mini film packs of 10 exposures each 
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