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Why has my film not developed properly?

Once a picture has been taken it takes around 90 seconds to develop, during this time it is important you don’t crease, squeeze or shake the film. These types of actions can affect the distribution of film chemicals while the film is developing. This of course, some users do this…

What instax film formats work with each product?

instax mini filminstax mini 8instax mini 9instax mini 70instax mini 90instax SHARE SP-2 instax SQUARE filminstax SQUARE SQ6instax SQUARE SQ10instax SQUARE SQ20instax SHARE SP-3 Instax WIDE filminstax WIDE 300

The lights are flashing on the lens of my mini 8 / mini 9

Try reinserting the batteries with the lens in the open position which should hopefully reset the issue. Failing this, the camera would require a repair. If the camera is still within the warranty period and you have retained the proof of purchase, this should be covered – subject to inspection.

How do I insert the instax film into my instax product?

After removing the film from the foil wrapper you will notice a small yellow stripe on the top right hand side of the cartridge. If you open your camera/printer back you will see the same yellow mark on the top right hand corner of the film compartment, simply align these…

Film jammed while ejecting from my camera

This would usually be due to low battery power as the majority of power would go into ejecting the film. So, while there may have been enough power to capture the image, the camera halted while pushing the film through the unit. Replace the batteries with the lens in the…