Personalized Wedding DIYs that Everyone Will Love

Add an extra touch of personality to your wedding with these unique DIY ideas! Remember to tag us @fujifilm_instax_northamerica and #HappilyEverInstax if you recreate any of these for your special day!

Personalized Save-the-Date Invites

Select your favourite photos of you and your partner (perhaps from your engagement shoot!) and print with the Link Wide Smartphone Printer for a unique and memorable wedding invitation. You can even add a personalized message, or direct guests directly to your wedding website URL by adding a QR code on the prints.

What You Will Need:

Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer
Instax Wide Film
Envelopes/ Postage

Click here to learn more about ways you can customize prints using the Link Wide Smartphone Printer:

“Meet our wedding party” Display

Introduce your guests to your amazing bridesmaids and groomsmen with this fun display board.
Using the Mini 11 Instant Camera, snap photos of your wedding party beforehand, or the morning of the big day. Customize this DIY based on your wedding colours and aesthetics.

What You Will Need:

Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera
Instax Mini Film
Florals/ greenery
Empty frame/ canvas
Ribbon and clips

Hot tip: We love going to thrift stores and finding hidden gems. For this DIY, look for an old photo frame or canvas that you can repurpose as the base of this display!

Memorable Centrepieces

A great way to keep your guests entertained at your reception! Add a Mini 11 Instant Camera to each guest table for them to capture candid moments throughout the night, that they can either take the photos with them as an instant keepsake, or leave them for you to look back on when the night is over!

What You Will Need:

Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera at each table
Instax Mini Film

Introducing: TheSorryGirls

Check out how DIY-queens, TheSorryGirls, incorporated Instax in two super cute wedding DIYs that came highly requested by their followers!

They used the Mini 11 Instant Camera and Mini Film to create a seating chart that doubles as a guestbook, and the Link Wide Smartphone Printer and Wide Film for personalized table settings!

Watch the full YouTube video below

Click here to watch on Youtube:

Interactive Seating Chart/ Memory Board

This DIY makes seating charts fun and interactive! Pop a mini 11 next to your seating chart and have your guests take a photo of themselves when they arrive. Group shots, or even silly selfies using selfie mode: the options are endless! Make finding their seat become a personalized experience, and as a bonus- you will be left with a super fun souvenir featuring photos of your favourite people at the end of your wedding night!

 What You Will Need:

INSTAX Mini 11 Instant Camera
INSTAX Mini Film
Picture frame (TheSorryGirls thrifted one!)
White poster board
Craft Paper
Name tags (templates can be found here)
Gluestick or hot glue
Double-Sided Tape
White paint/ marker

Personalized Table Settings

Your guests will feel extra special when they see a photo of themselves at their table. Using an INSTAX Link Wide Smartphone Printer, you can print a photo of each of your guests to place at their seats. Add their name, apply fun frames, and so more with the Link Wide App. Guests can also keep these prints as a sweet personalized favour at the end of the night.

 What You Will Need:

Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer
Instax Wide Instant Film
Flowers (optional)

Introducing: Cassie Masangkay Fajilan

Cassie Masangkay Fajilan, ½ of our favourite fashionistas, ToThe9s, recently got married (congratulations, girl!). We are so excited to share how she creatively incorporated Instax into her wedding guestbook and décor elements!

Photo Guestbook

This is a great way to encourage your guests to take photos throughout the day and night! Often times the couple has to wait months before seeing photos from their wedding photographer. This guestbook will be the perfect way for you to relive your big day INSTANTLY, and also see the wedding through the lens of your favourite people!

What You Will Need:

Instax Mini 11 Instant Cameras
Lots of Instax Mini Film!
Album/ Scrapbook